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CARTRIDGEWORX - Cartridge Education | Inkjet And Cartridge Care|Laser Toner Cartridge Care|Facts About Ink And Paper|

Most Cartridgeworx stores carry more than 150 different premium inks and toners. This will ensure that the ink we use to refill your empty inkjet cartridge works with the specifications of your printer and helps you produce high quality documents. A...

Do not attempt to open the cartridge. Do not leave the cartridge in motor vehicles for any length of time, as even on a cool day the temperature can exceed safe levels. Doing so may distort the plastic in the cartridge. Store cartridges in normal...

How the Ink and Paper Work with Each Other Ink On Paper With bubble jet printers, liquid ink is projected onto the paper to form an image. Before we see how the ink and paper interact, let's look at the structure of ink and paper. The Composition ...
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